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Visiting pub ~Dublin~ in the right way

  • Be a regular in more than one pub. This is a good opportunity to have a good evening.

  • Be patient. We have a lot of drinks and will definitely have enough for everyone. Everything comes on time, for the one who knows how to wait.  

  • Always tip more than you should. Tipping in your favorite place is a good long-term investment.

  • Never ask for a "good pour". This means that you ask for something for free and the bartenders can get fired for it. If they like you, they will notice you.

  • Don't ask to make your drink "quick". Better use the universal magic words "please" and "thank you" and you will see how quickly a pint will be in your hands.  

  • Don't get drunk with beer when you're trying to befriend girls. When you go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes, they start staring at your competitors.

  • Drink wherever your wallet is comfortable. When it doesn't matter how much the drinks cost, there is always a happy time.

  • Don't whistle, shout, or wave money, unless you want people to think you are a traffic policeman.  

  • If you want to buy the girl a drink, ask her permission. If the bartender has to say, “This is from a guy who didn't have the courage to walk up to you,” you have no chance.

  • If you are out with friends, pay the check before they ask for the bill. It's not cool if the carve-up ends up at the table,  but more importantly, you can stay drunk and carefree for the rest of the evening.  

  • Don't try to order a drink from the bar after closing, but rather grab a couple of mugs 5 minutes before closing to be one step ahead.

  • Don't argue about the score. If you are arguing, it is probably because of too much money. This means that you are probably not sober enough to argue.

  • If you're not on the beach, skip the Pina Colada or anything else that takes the bartender more than five minutes on a crowded evening.  

  • Don't mention tip in advance. There is no need to say, "I will thank you well." You can't buy respect.  

  • Shots usually serve only one purpose - to speed up the effects of alcohol. There is a time and a place, and this time and place is less and less common after 30 years.

  • Always know what you are going to order in advance. Asking for a “beer” in a pub is like going into a restaurant and ordering a “meal”. And if you're undecided, grab a pint of Guinness or just a glass of inexpensive whiskey, take a sip, relax, and then think about what you really want to drink.

  • Treat pub staff with respect. No "flirting" across the bar (that's a shame), no applause when someone breaks a glass, no angry volleys because satellite TV went out. Smile, relax, life is good because you are in a pub.

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