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In 2019, one unusual guest appeared in our pub, representing a sculpture made of bronze and personifying Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov, also known as “Redhead from Ivanushki”. Having happily given him the most prominent place in our pub, it was decided to christen him “the lucky one”, because he not only warmly welcomes all the visitors of “Dublin”, but also brings good luck.

The statue represents "Ivanushka", towering in the clouds and holding one of them in his hand. When it's hot, steam comes from these very clouds, and light illumination is also emitted. “Ivanushka” is proud of his homeland and considers Sochi to be the best city on Earth, affectionately calling it “Russian Monaco”, so he always gladly visits his native land and, of course, often looks into one of his favorite places in the city - the Irish pub "Dublin".

Lucky guy in Dublin


The hospitable "lucky guy" does not skimp on the distribution of his wonderful gift and gladly shares it with everyone: people say that if you rub the lucky one in certain places, you can feel its magical properties. For example, the one who rubs his head, he will relieve dementia, and if you rub his chest, you can find true love, they also say that you can get rid of impotence by rubbing its causal place.


The properties of the statue are absolutely real, because it was not for nothing that once, having experienced the magic of the "lucky man", a couple of local residents could no longer restrain themselves and made an attempt to get the statue in a not entirely legal way (to steal), fortunately, they did not succeed and "Redhead from Ivanushki” continues to delight the guests of the city.

If you decide to #RubRedhead, we can advise you not to limit yourself, show your imagination and, most importantly, dream! Suddenly, by rubbing his pocket, may a large sum of money will fall from the sky? Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov himself wiped out the entire statue, except, perhaps, the eyes. Try it, act and share your stories!


By the way, having met Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov himself in the Dublin pub, we ask you to refrain and not rub him, because he solemnly laid the responsibility for fulfilling his wishes on his “bronze copy”. We want every visitor to our pub to feel at home. So come to Dublin, enjoy the Irish atmosphere, taste quality beer and relax your soul. We look forward to welcoming you!

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